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Will The REAL Enemy Please Stand Up

Being an ex-addict is a peculiar thing. There are patterns and behaviors you have taught yourself for so many years that you don’t even realize they are dysfunctional. Most of which are so common place to you that you don’t … Continue reading

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Put It Away

Some years ago Child Protective Services took my 5-year-old son from me because I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I felt at the time that I had been wronged! There were no drug allegations against me. How could they … Continue reading

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Notes from October 2007 Journal

October 2007 I had been clean and sober for a ninety days but that time seemed an eternity to me. I had the daily battles. Funny, I say daily but it was every second of every minute of every hour … Continue reading

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3 years of Sobriety

August 10, 2010 I celebrated 3 years clean and sober. This is a monumental event in my life. I never thought I could see one or two days sober much less over 1000 days! The following is an entry from … Continue reading

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