Me, Myself and I

Me, myself and I are the three people who get me into more trouble! Every time I get selfish and think only of myself things just go terribly wrong. That was my problem for so many years. My philosophy was

I’m gonna do what I want to do and I don’t care what you think about it  because it’s not about you it’s all about me.”

What an awful attitude! Now don’t get me wrong. I mean, there are times when you have to think of yourself. You have to shower and brush your teeth. Hygiene is a must!  You must do your laundry, you have to eat. Some self thought is inevitable. With that  established let’s get down to where I was headed. The very poor attitude that the world revolves around me. You see, a drug addict and alcoholic, even though some us functioned in society, has the idea that we could continue on the destructive path that we were on and expect different results than what we got. Getting high every day is NOT  conducive to the environment around you. Nor is drinking excessively, pornography, over eating, smoking or what ever your addiction may be. There is no benefit in these activities for anyone besides me, myself and I. There is no contributing to the outside world, no encouragement for your family, no benefits to your health, and no favorable looks from police or the court system. 

You see, the world does not revolve around me. It’s quite the opposite! Instead of me looking for what I can get out of the world I have learned to try to find what I can give back. In place of looking for a handout what can I offer. As an alternative to my escaping reality  I search out what is real.  And just as addiction took me searching daily for what I needed I now seek a place that is true and eternal. I’m on the path to inner peace with myself and those around me. The journey to forgive both myself and those who have wronged me.  The voyage to find pardon from those I have aggrieved, mistreated and offended.  Shoot y’all, I even had to tell God I was angry with Him. The magnificence of that was He heard my hearts cry, forgave me and consoled me. 

If you have read any of my previous blogs you will recall that one of my favorite Bible verses is Luke 9:23 “Then Jesus said to them all, ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.'” This one verse has spoken volumes to me! In my search to get off drugs and alcohol I learned that I have to “DENY MYSELF.”  Now that I am in my 3rd year of sobriety I have become conscious to the fact that every day I have to accomplish this.  As Jesus put it, “take up your cross daily.”  Believe me, even after 3 years and some odd months, I have not forgotten how. Some days the urge to go to the liquor store and get me a bottle of whisky or go to the dope house still seem almost overpowering. But God is faithful! Just like He said He would be! “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  James 4:7  When I make up my heart and mind that I will do the right thing if for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do, the desire eases up and soon it’s not even there anymore. 

That’s what it’s all about! Denying me, myself and I.

If you are reading this and are in your own state of addiction I offer you my prayer that you will cry out to God as I had to do. Believe me, addiction is bigger that you or I! It is a heart problem, a spiritual condition and a physical one. You may be able to deal with the physical aspect but the spiritual side must be dealt with also or the crisis will never go away. Cry out to God! He is there, He is real and He is alive. God has the strength that we lack. Start with making  a conscious decision that  you are on the wrong road, ask God to forgive you and ask Him for Jesus Christ to fill your heart and life. “If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised  him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9  Tell God your problem is larger than you are and you need His Divine help.

Now that you’ve done that please seek out a church, pastor or Christian counselor that can help you along your newfound road. Sobriety is a new journey for some of us and we need all the direction we can get!

If you don’t know where to turn please leave me a comment and I will direct you in the right direction!

God bless each and every one of you who share this struggle and my prayer for you is to accept Christ into you heart and for your continued sobriety!

About brianssobriety

I am dedicated to Christ and His saving grace. Through Him there is healing of drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography and all other issues associated with addictions.
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